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Some more pics from my bird rehab …

Most of the 7 Great Tit nestlings have grown some feathers.

Fritz, the Great Tit fledgling is waiting for the 7 little ones to leave the nest so that he/she finally has Great Tit company.

Woody, the Great Spotted Woodpecker, was, although being an older fledgling, extremely cooperative when it came to eating. He/she had a problem with his/her wing and was taken to the vet and is currently living in a Woodpecker aviary waiting for his/her release.

8 x Great Tit (7 x nestling, 1 x fledgling) ~ Kohlmeise (7 x Nestling, 1 x Ästling) ~ Parus major

1 x Great Spotted Woodpecker (fledgling) ~ Buntspecht (Ästling) ~ Dendrocopos major

Yayaya, we are all MAJOR here :-D

2014 © Jesse Alveo

Why don’t I post more bird pictures? Because at this time of the year, I’m busy hand-raising baby birds. :-D Check out the teeniest tiniest of the Great Tits. I hope he/she - and all others of course - will make it.

1 x Black Redstart - Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

2 x House Sparrow ~ Haussperling ~ Passer domesticus

7 x Great Tit ~ Kohlmeise ~ Parus major

2014 © Jesse Alveo